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    Ron Taylor
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I can remember as a young man just out of the Army, having saved a few dollars, getting advice from

my uncle who raised me. No, the advice was not about girls, but about real estate. You see, he was an

accountant and understood the time value of money. He told me the one commodity they didn't make

any more was real estate.

I later read about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's. At public speaking outings, Ray would ask this question to his audience, "What business am I in?" Inherently, everyone would say "hamburgers!" And he would say, "No, I am in the real estate business." You see, he would look for prime real estate locations and build his hamburger restaurant on it to pay off the land and the building.

Back to my uncles advice. Did I take it and buy some real estate? Well... not at that time... I needed a good looking, fast car. So I bought a Volkswagen :-) to go to school in. But four months after getting married, I did buy my first home and sold it two years later for a nice profit. Turned around and bought some land and had a house built on it. Sold it 15 years later for a nice profit. Reinvested that into more land and a home.

Query: Does real estate always go up. No, like some stocks, it can be very volatile. Remember the three infamous words, "Location, location and location?" Location really does matter if you are looking for appreciation.

As a professional Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, we have helped our clients buy and sell their homes,

land and farms, for over 15 years. And I think we can help you. Email us or call us at 919-939-9678 for a no

obligation, free consultation to determine your needs, wants, and desires. You'll be glad you did.

Old Country Farmhouse.

Taylor Estate Services Sales & Services

174 Pete Harris Road

Warrenton, NC 27589

919-939-9678 NCREBL# 232060

NCAFL# 8491 NCAL# 8474

Whether you're looking for some rural property in the country or high end real estate in a S-D, give us a call at 919-939-9678

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