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Working With Attorneys

Prior to working in Real Estate and Auctions, I was a finacial planner with the old Prudential-Bache

Insurance Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was during this time that I found it important to

work closely with my clent's attorney and CPA as they became part of the "advisory team."

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And now, a lot of that experience of working with attorneys, has been carried over into my

real estate and auction business. Periodically, we receive a call from an attorney stating that he or she has been appointed as the guardian, administrator, executor or commissioner of an estate.

We have been asked to inventory an estate and determine the value of the assets. We have been asked to value and sell real property whether it be a home, land, farm or a commercial buiding. The majority of these properties were sold via an auction because of the urgency of getting the property sold in a fixed time. Yes, we have sold property through traditional listing when time was not a factor.

Settling and selling the family estate can be a difficult and emotional task. But hiring a professional with the proper knowledge and training can help to relieve some of your worries.


I have earned the professional Certified Estate Specialist (CES) designation.

Offered by the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute, the program

consists of specialized coursework in all aspects of estate sales, including the

legal and financial facets.


To earn this designation, I was required to complete 24 hours of coursework and to submit a portfolio of materials from the settling of estates. Be assured that I have remained steadfast in my efforts to keep up on the legal aspects of settling family estates so that I can continue to offer top quality services to my associates, clients and customers.


The designation program is one of many offered by the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute, which prides itself on enhancing the expertise of its members by offering continuing education and specialized programs focused on all aspects of the auction and real estate business.

My goal has always been to serve my clients and customers’ needs fairly, efficiently and effectively. If you have questions about the auction industry, traditional listings or how my business can help you serve your clients. feel free to call me any time at 919-939-9678.


I look forward to using my expertise to help meet your client's family estate or business needs.

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